The Shrieker is one of the weakest enemies in Nether. Once the Shrieker has spotted you, it will emit a high-pitched shriek. This noise will attract nearby nether and draw them to you. They stand about as tall as a human and walk on two legs. It also has a bright red stomach, for an easier spotting.

They are quick and can launch an acidic spit attack at short ranges. it is advised to kill this nether quickly and not run away as it will call more nether to your location.


As soon as you get into a fight with a Shrieker you need to take it out as soon as you can.

When a Shrieker teleports to you, he will perform 1 of 2 actions. The Shrieker will either perform the signature shriek, calling other Nether to the fight, this can be stopped with a melee or ranged attack. The other option is, it will gather up for a ranged attack, spitting black ooze that distorts your HUD and can do around 100-200 damage.

Best practice for killing a Shrieker is to either rush it down and slash it while it is doing its 'spotted you' animation or wait for it to teleport near you and hard strafe to the left or right, and look to see if it is calling or spitting. If it begins to call, strike it down as fast as possible. If it begins to spit, continue to strafe until you see the ooze in the air and strike it down from the side.

They are very weak and take only 3 hits with the Kitchen Knife to kill.

Experience Gained Edit

50 XP