Safe zones are one of the biggest aspects of the game Nether. They provide a safe area where you cannot be attacked by Nether or players. Once you leave a safezone, you have a small amount of time to travel out of the area before your protection is revoked, and you are once again vulnerable to Nether and players. If the player chooses the option to spawn in a safezone after death, they are automatically respawned somewhere in Lakeside Safe Haven.

Nether SurgeEdit

There are two common events in Nether, the Nether Surge, and the Reaper Surge. Nether Surges often happen in safezones, and enable pvp. Nether can also attack you when this happens. Large amounts of Nether will spawn in safezones during a Nether Surge, and they can attack you. To get rid of all nether, and disable pvp and pve again, find the anti-nether devices and repair them. You can find these devices by looking for a red light on a pole, often red or shining a bright light.

If a device has not been repaired yet, it will have green smoke coming from it. To repair one, point at the base of the light pole (it will have batteries scattered around it) and hold "e" to repair. Repairing may take a while, and Nether and players can still attack you when in the process of repairing them. There are three in each safezone. Lakeside Safe Haven is an exception to this rule, and has six.


  • The light on the pole can sometimes be buggy.


  • Lakeside Safe Haven is the only safezone with more than three devices.