It stares into your soul
Health 35,000
Damage 400 - 600
Drop Information
Experience 200XP
Money $25 - $350
Unique Drops Reaper Blades

The Reaper is the strongest mob in Nether. It has a high amount of health and deals large amounts of damage. It primarily attacks with it's razor sharp claws, which knock back the player a large distance. It's considered the boss, or mini-boss, of Nether.

The Reaper roams within a certain radius of it's original spawn point. To find it, look for a marked area on the map calling Reaper Surge. There are multiple different types of Nether surrounding it.


It's best to fight the Reaper in groups, and to have a ranged weapon with a lot of ammo. You can still engage it alone, but it can be difficult without experience or good weapons. The Reaper does heavy damage, and has high health, which is why you need a mid to long range gun, and a lot of ammo. Melee will get you killed in this situation, so you should gather a group if you maxed out your melee instead of your guns.

Grab the attention of all the Nether in the area. They will respawn if you kill them off, so lure them a bit aways first. Then Start attacking the screamers and mantis first. Those two Nether will be the death of you. Then start dealing a bit of damage to the Reaper to keep it on it's toes. Keep attacking the surrounding Nether until the Reaper is the only one left. Then start going all out on it.


  • Reapers have a bad AI, getting stuck on cars easily.
  • One of the Reaper's crawlers gives the Reaper's item drops instead of the Reaper itself.
  • The Reaper doesn't drop any items, but still gives experience and money.


  • Reapers give experience to everyone around the Reaper when it is killed no matter what.
  • Reapers spawn in certain areas, not randomly. But there are still multiple locations.
  • Reapers drop guns occasionally, and even gun parts.

9mm Ammunition Guns

Smith & Risley | Haz-3 | MACH-9

5.56mm Ammunition Guns

Mag DR-15 Rab-47

12 Gauge Ammunition Guns

KB-12 | TFC Special

7.62mm Ammunition Guns

Cru Z3R-14

.45 ACP Ammunition Guns

Lopes 45-s | Pipe Sniper

Magnum Ammunition Guns

Warren .50

Bone Shard Ammunition Guns