A flying Mantis
Health 4000
Damage 250 - 350
Drop Information
Experience 95 XP
Money $20 - 300
Unique Drops Mantis Membrane, Incendiary Gland, Mantis Jaw

The Mantis is the king of the air. They can be seen flying on the rooftops or even on the ground as a way to make sure that none of the survivors are able to hide behind objects or in the bushes. They can kick you from a distance dealing mass damage. This nether can be seen anywhere, even flying over buildings except for in small enclosed areas. Along with the Golem they do not take the form of a huminiod.

Tactics Edit

Strafe the Mantis and try not to stay in front of them for too long or else they will kick outwards for immense damage. These nether are masters of the air they can use distance to avoid almost all melee attacks, it is recommended when facing this enemy to keep your distance and use a gun or mid ranged weapon. Hiding or running is very difficult against the Mantis.

If shot repeatedly, a Mantis will be stunned and unable to attack. As such, if a player has a high capacity weapon, unloading on a Mantis is a costly but effective method.