The katana is most famously known as main weapon of the samurai class of japan. It originated around the twelfth century, when smiths began the production of a sword that was shorter than the sword used at the time, the Tachi.

 The Katana has gained what could be considered legendary status among historical swords. It is oftentimes portrayed in modern literature as being impossibly strong, or sharp enough to cut through concrete or steel. In truth, while the sword is remarkably sharp and flexible, it is a far cry from what it is often portrayed as.

 Traditionally, the Katana is forged by folding an ingot of high carbon steel known as tamahagane up to twenty times, before being shaped into a straight blade. It was then partially coated down the length of the blade with a clay mixture, and heat-treated, giving the blade it's famous graceful curve. The blade was then given a mirror polish and and a razor sharp edge, before being hafted to the tsuka, or handle.

 In modern times, however, it is more common to find katana replicas, which are mass produced, and are often weak to the point of being dangerous to use. These swords are far cheaper, however, and are a favorite for those that wish to own a katana, but cannot afford the price of a hand forged one.

 The Katana in Nether deals 650 damage with each hit, and costs 65$ in the market.