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Guns are one of the largest aspects of the game. Their essential for Nether that are hard to kill with melee weapons, such as the golem or reaper. Their especially useful when battling players, because their harder to kill since their moves are unpredictable. Nether are easier because they have an AI, making their moves predictable.

9mm Ammunition Guns

Smith & Risley | Haz-3 | MACH-9

5.56mm Ammunition Guns

Mag DR-15 Rab-47

12 Gauge Ammunition Guns

KB-12 | TFC Special

7.62mm Ammunition Guns

Cru Z3R-14

.45 ACP Ammunition Guns

Lopes 45-s | Pipe Sniper

Magnum Ammunition Guns

Warren .50

Bone Shard Ammunition Guns