Big and ugly looking.
Health 3,600
Damage 300 - 400
Drop Information
Experience 105 XP
Money $20 - 100
Unique Drops Golem Skull

Golums are the second strongest Nether in the game, the first being the Reaper. Their also the slowest Nether, which makes them able to be outrun. It's recommended to take them down from a distance, using a weapon that goes mid to long range, such as a rifle. Shotguns can be recommended when fighting one when they get close enough.


When close enough, they will strike. Again, unlike other Nether, hitting them won't delay their attack. It randomly switches between a swift attack and a charges up attack. To kill one, you can either use a ranged weapon, or walk backwards, timing hits and making sure not to be hit. It's dangerous using a melee weapon because they do heavy damage and have high health. Once again, unlike other Nether, they don't teleport away when hit.

9mm Ammunition Guns

Smith & Risley | Haz-3 | MACH-9

5.56mm Ammunition Guns

Mag DR-15 Rab-47

12 Gauge Ammunition Guns

KB-12 | TFC Special

7.62mm Ammunition Guns

Cru Z3R-14

.45 ACP Ammunition Guns

Lopes 45-s | Pipe Sniper

Magnum Ammunition Guns

Warren .50

Bone Shard Ammunition Guns