Crawler Spine
Why is it bent?
Nether Drop Information
Weight Unknown
Size Unknown
Dropped by Crawler

The crawler spine is one of the most basic Nether parts because of the Crawler being very common throughout the world. Crawlers are also the easiest Nether to kill besides the Shrieker.

How to obtainEdit

Crawler spines come from Crawlers, which is very self explanatory. You can take one from a Crawler simply by killing it with any type of weapon. It will drop one every time.


The crawler spine can only be sold for $1, but can be valuable to players with little to none items. You can trade four crawler spines with the Order of the Cull to get a pistol frame, which can be used to make a Magnum .50 or a Smith & Risley. You can also trade six crawler spines to directly get the Smith & Risley.

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