It looks like a shaved dog...
Health 1,400
Damage 100 - 200
Drop Information
Experience 50 (10 Assist)
Money $0 - $30
Unique Drops Crawler Spine

The crawler is the most basic creature in the game. They attack by charging, then jumping up and clawing you. They often teleport when hit, then jump out at the player and attack. They're harder when they attack in packs, and the player is using a melee weapon.

Crawlers spawn in every point of the map. They spawn more frequently during a surge, as most Nether do. Crawlers are one of the only Nether the player can turn into using a Nether potion. They can spawn on top of buildings.


Crawlers are fairy weak, and can easily be killed using a melee weapon. It would save ammo to just use a katana, or other melee weapon. Wait for the crawler to charge at you, then start hitting it rapidly, and circle around it. After it teleports, run away, and jump when you hear it teleport back. This will avoid it's teleport attack.

This nether uses speed to dodge your attacks and is known for teleporting behind you, then attacking.


  • One of the crawlers, during a Reaper Surge, drops items on death instead of the Reaper itself.


  • Nether crawlers have more health when they are a player.
  • Players as Nether crawlers jump higher.