9mm Ammunition
9mm Ammo
The premium kind of ammo
Ammo Information
Weight 0.01LBS
Size 0.10
Guns used in Smith & Risley

Haz-3 MACH-9

Guns that take 9mm ammo can only be placed in the sidearms slot in your inventory, and is the only type of gun that can be put in the sidearms slot. The Mach-9 is considered one of the most powerful guns in the game, and the Smith & Risley is the easiest gun to get in the game. That makes 9mm ammo high in demand for stronger and weaker players.

How to obtainEdit

You can obtain 9mm ammo by buying it for $150 for 32 rounds. You can also trade for some in the Order of the Cull by trading two nether blood and two nether skin. Then third option would be to find it in various containers. They are the most common ammo to find in the game. They can even be dropped by certain types of Nether.


  • The player cannot sell ammo.
  • Ammo doesn't have a stack limit.